What are Indonesian odds? Betting experience

What are Indonesian odds? What makes this ratio attractive to bettors? All of your above questions about Indonesian betting odds will be answered in detail by Bwinph casino in today’s article. Please follow the article to learn more about betting!

What are Indonesian odds?

According to bettors, Indonesian odds, also known as Indo odds or Indo odds, have a similar playing style to Hong Kong and Malaysian odds. This ratio appears very frequently on the odds tables of reputable bookmakers and is supported by players because it can bring extremely high bonuses.

Indo odds have a bet level of 1.00 units, equivalent to the player receiving a profit of 1 unit for each bet ticket when drawing money at the house. These odds also have negative and positive odds, in which favorable odds are bets for the underdog team (win more money), and negative odds are bets for the upper team (win less money).

Normally, players often prefer positive bets because they bring big bonuses. The interest you will receive is the initial bet multiplied by the Indo odds. On the contrary, a negative bet gives the bettor a smaller bonus, but this bet will be safer. The profit you will receive is the initial bet divided by the Indo ratio.

Learn the example of Indonesian odds.

Currently, bookmakers of any size also update Indo odds on football matches so that those who are interested in these odds can experience them. In this article, 188BET will take the example of the Everton vs. Crystal Palace match with a bet of $100 to help players really understand what the Indonesian odds are.

Accordingly, Everton handicaps Crystal Palace by 0.75 left, and the bookmaker gives the Indo odds a positive odd of 1.03 and a negative odd of -1.11, considering 2 cases:

If you bet on the negative odds and Everton wins by 2 goals or more, your friend will receive 100+(100/1.11) = 191.1$.
If you bet on positive odds and Crystal Palace draws or wins, you will receive 100+(100*1.03) = $203.

Experience when betting on Indonesian football odds

One thing is for sure: understanding Indonesian betting odds is not enough if you want to bet on soccer to make money professionally and stably. Therefore, 188BET asked for advice from famous experts in the betting world to synthesize a few tips for playing Indo betting with 100 wins and 100 wins.

Understand the odds in Indonesian odds

Those who participate in betting, especially those new to this sport, should not always bet according to the crowd’s opinion. Because Indonesian odds can be said to be similar to other Asian odds, it also has a variety of odds for players to choose from such as handicaps, over/under bets,…

Understanding the betting types and indicators mentioned by the bookmaker during the match will help players be more confident when placing bets. The winning rate will also be much higher. If you have time, you should learn in detail about each indicator, write down examples, and try calculations to avoid confusion during the soccer betting process. Knowing when to stop is a wise way to play

Players will easily fall into the situation of being blinded by the bonus of Indo bets and constantly run after others to bet without knowing when to stop. The secret to not losing your way is depositing enough money for the football match to participate in betting. If you have lost about 3 consecutive bets, you must stop immediately.

Choose to bet on your favorite team.

Football is the most popular sport globally because football matches often have surprising moments that cause the situation to change suddenly. Therefore, experts advise you to start betting on Indo odds with matches with your favorite team and stay calm and patient in any situation.

The last article is all the information to answer the question of Indonesian betting odds and practical examples to help you understand this form of betting. What are you waiting for?

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